Holding Pattern

It is finally the first week of November, and it’s trying hard to be the first week of winter. For the past four days we’ve been stuck in this miserable place between really cold rain and really wet snow. No sun, no moon, no stars; just days of clouds and drizzle. It seems that the colder weather has skirted to the north of us, so that also means no snow in the valley.

For those of us who live clipped into bindings during the winter, that is not good enough. We wait for the temperatures to plummet and to wake up to a blanketed valley. The only solace has been that it’s been snowing in the high country. All week I’ve been waiting for a glimpse of the peaks painted white, and today it finally happened! This afternoon we got a few hours of sunshine and blue sky.

The South Range
The Middle trying to show its face

Even the three Tetons started to peak through their cloud cover. This next week is scheduled to bring more of the white stuff down on us – with one report projecting up to 24″ in the Jackson Hole area over the next week. One thing’s for sure: it’s time to wax up skis and get ready to take some turns!!




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