This week’s full moon has definitely earned the designation of Supermoon. It has been so bright that even in the middle of the night, most of the valley is perfectly visible. The Supermoon appears larger than regular full moons because the moon is at it’s closest distance from earth on it’s elliptical path in orbit. I thought this lunar event would be a good opportunity to practice my night-sky photography.


Using a slower shutter, I was able to get the light bouncing off of the clouds as the moon made it’s way into the high sky. With my tripod set up, I was able to trace the moon’s path as it moved across my frame. But the moon is a really bright object (especially a Supermoon!), and it turned out as a crazy glowing white orb in these photos. I wanted to see if I could get a more realistic shot of it.


A faster shutter and lower ISO let me capture details on the surface of the moon. Pretty cool!! Later this month there’s a total lunar eclipse, and I’m excited to try out my new skills trying to capture it.


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