New Season, New Home

Spring is in full swing in Teton Valley. Migrants have returned in droves, ski bums have moved out, and river rats are drooling over high CFS numbers on the Snake. In my corner of the world, I have moved to a new house outside of Victor. This expanded cabin overlooks the Teton River, is on 2 acres, and comes complete with wood stove, greenhouse, and three wonderful friends as roommates.

Cowboy Up!


Our new view of the Tetons


The new house has also come with new neighbors. Swainson’s hawks are much more common in this valley than over in Jackson Hole, and I’m getting more used to looking for their buteo silhouette, tan bib, and white chin. Also back are Western Meadowlarks – a personal favorite. Especially in the fields surrounding the middle school, I see them high on fenceposts singing that characteristic song of the spring.

Western Meadowlark


Swainson’s Hawk


Our other neighbors were less expected. Every morning and evening, herds of Sandhill Cranes can be seen out on the potato fields (Idaho, right?). I don’t know exactly what they’re doing there, whether looking for food or just gathering to pick mates. I have seen them start to look like they’re dancing: going up to each other and jumping high in the air, wings outstretched.

Real life Pterodactyl


A herd of Sandhills


The Dance





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