Return of the Migrants

It is officially spring! As a lover of birds, my definition of spring includes the arrival of robins, and yesterday was the first day we had robins foraging in our front yard. I am so happy to have warm afternoons filled with familiar bird calls, reminding me that everything has its season.



I’m not saying that I don’t love winter. Nothing has brought me more joy in the past 5 months than waking up to 8 new inches of fresh powder. Unfortunately, the lack of snowfall this winter has made that a rare occasion. With the valley already completely melted out and Grand Targhee turned into slushy spring snow, I’m itching to put on my hiking boots again. The lastĀ thing keeping my heart in winter is my new alpine touring setup. My free-pivot bindings are finally mounted (thank you, Chris) and I found the perfect pair of skins at the second-hand sporting goods shop in Victor. I’m hoping to enjoy some t-shirt touring in the month to come, with lots of sun and a predictable, safe snowpack.

A Male House Finch


Black-capped Chickadee


So thank you to the chickadees, house finches, house sparrows, and red-breasted nuthatches that got me through winter. Now it’s time to dust off the binoculars and wait for the next round of migrants to roll in.


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