Backcountry Tour: Pole Canyon

The heaven’s finally aligned so that Chris and I had an entire day off together. This meant two things: 1. We were going on an adventure, and 2. It was going to be backcountry skiing. For those less familiar with out-of-bounds skiing, backcountry skiing is where you stick skins (basically one-way carpet) to the bottom of your skis, engage a special pivoting binding, and walk uphill.

We adventured up Pole Canyon. It was a perfectly clear day, so the snowmobilers were out in full force. As soon as we got off-trail and headed up a ridge line it quieted down and turned into an amazing afternoon. We spent our hike up identifying tracks in the snow, checking out lines on adjacent peaks, and marveling at some of the largest surface hoar either of us had ever seen.

Chris breaking trail
Looking back at our starting point – the wedge shaped barn
So many hare tracks!
Big, feathery hoar
Finding a lunch spot, 800 vertical feet from our starting spot


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